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McGrory & Glas Trösch Unite NYC Skyline

The glass skybridge linking SHoP Architects’ American Copper Buildings is the pièce de résistance of an extraordinary project that has changed the New York skyline. Born of a collaboration between SHoP, developer JDS, McGrory Glass and Glas Trösch, the 100-meter glass bridge literally ties together two stunning copper-clad skyscrapers on the banks of the East River.

Housing a fitness studio, swimming pool and work/play areas with breathtaking views, the skybridge serves essential functions for tenants.

“The characteristic design element provides the structural link between the two skyscrapers and also acts as a distribution station for the building utilities, enabling the East and West Tower to be supplied via one common system,” reported in their recent June 6th article, Transparency and Connectivity. “The result is a spectacular space that connects both technology and residents across the two towers.”

As important as functionality was to the project, it was equally essential that the aesthetics were not sacrificed.

“While the skybridge does the heavy lifting of connecting these systems, we wanted it to appear as though it was delicately perched between the two towers like a diamond in a tension ring,” said SHoP Director of Cultural Projects Ayumi Sugiyama.

Finally, from a technical standpoint, the glass had to meet all NYC codes for energy efficiency and performance.

Using their unique capabilities, McGrory and Glas Trösch took on the complex project requirements and delivered three layers of insulated anti-reflective LUXAR glass, laminated with a shimmering metallic web. The outcome: externally gorgeous material that meets strict energy requirements and provides a completely clear view from the interior.

“The skybridge allowed us to partner with Glas Trösch and deliver something that we would not have been able to produce alone,” said McGrory Vice President & Director of Sales, Tim Matthews. “It’s a wonderful product.”


Check out the video below:


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Written By  Helena Mutak

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