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McGrory Glass Adds 76,000 Square Feet of Fire-Rated and Security Fabrication Capabilities With New Cutting-Edge Facility

The family-owned and operated glass company recently opened a dedicated 76,000-square-foot facility to fabricate fire-rated and security glass, glazing, and framing systems for projects across North America, bringing their total to three facilities and over 250,000 square feet of production space.

PAULSBORO, NJ—McGrory Glass, one of the largest family-owned architectural glass companies in the country, opened a brand-new, 76,000-square-foot facility dedicated to fabricating fire-rated and security glass, glazing, and assembly systems. The glass manufacturer has grown to three different facilities in as many decades, including an in-house Print Division, and over 250,000 square feet of production space.

“This new facility is committed to fire-rated and security glazing and framing,” says Jim Gulnick, Vice President and Director of Operations. “McGrory Glass has decades of broad experience providing world-class, fire-rated glass and framing solutions, so this vertical integration and expansion was an organic next step for us. Bringing production in-house for these projects gives us total control, so we can offer our customers higher quality comprehensive solutions, more competitive pricing, and much shorter lead times in a greatly expanded geographic area.”

McGrory Glass is a national fabricator and distributor of fire-rated and architectural glass solutions, offering industry-leading innovative solutions and end-to-end customer support. Working with the best fire-rated suppliers in the industry – AGC, Forster, and SCHOTT – McGrory provides sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions with superior sightlines.

“Our new technologically advanced facility allows us to bring the entire fire-rated glazing and framing production process in-house,” says Gary McGrory, Chief Operations Officer (COO). “We can offer our customers a complete, one-stop solution. Many architectural projects, for schools, healthcare facilities and offices, require glazing that’s both fire-rated and security tested. Now, we can create custom glazing and assemblies to meet these needs. And since our team does almost all the fabrication in one building, we are able to drastically cut down on lead times.”

McGrory Glass offers AGC Pyrobel®️ Fire-Resistant Safety Glass with Temperature Rise Performance, AGC Pyrobel® Vision Line Butt-Glazed Fire-Resistant Systems, Forster Steel Profile Systems, and SCHOTT PYRAN® Platinum Fire-Rated Glass Ceramic with Filmed and Laminated Safety Options. “We’ve aligned ourselves with global industry leaders that have an impeccable track record,” McGrory says. “As a solar-powered company as well, McGrory Glass is strongly committed to protecting the environment, and we admire our partners’ commitment to preserving natural resources and reducing their ecological footprint throughout the entire supply chain.”

In 2020, McGrory Glass purchased the new facility, and purpose-built it from the ground up, designing it to create a logical, efficient production flow. True to the company’s commitment to sustainability, the team installed an in ground, closed loop, recirculating filtration system so the water used by the machinery is able to be recycled and reused. Due to the extensive size of the space, McGrory houses a deep inventory of fire-rated and security glazing products to meet customer needs and greatly shorten lead times.

“We’re storing tens of thousands of square feet of raw fire-rated glazing material, so we can quickly cut them to size for butt-glazed and framed fire-rated applications,” Gulnick says. “We can also fabricate frames with our 360-foot-long conveyor to wash, powder coat, and cure these elements to provide color matching with a high-end finish.”

McGrory’s client management team looks forward to providing even more custom glazing and assembly solutions for a larger number of projects. “Our seasoned sales force has worked with many of our clients for years,” McGrory says. “Life safety solutions in architecture require mutual trust and long-term relationships, and as a family business, that’s what we’re about first and foremost.”

Written By  Patrick Tackney

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