Ceiling Glass & CaptiveHook® Mounting System

McGrory’s in-house print division provides custom decorative interlayers, offering endless design options for laminated ceiling glass. Our patented CaptiveHook® solution was developed in collaboration with glaziers and stamped by Eckersley O’Callaghan Engineers. The entire CaptiveHook® system is fabricated and adhered under climate controlled conditions in the McGrory Glass factory. As your glass panels are produced, the receiving ceiling mounting system can begin to be put in place on site. The modular construction arrives ready to hang, saving you install time and labor costs.

Technical Details

  • McGrory Glass can provide additional technical details and materials on the patented CaptiveHook® System upon request and on a confidential basis.
  • Panel sizes up to and beyond 70 square feet available in custom cut dimensions
  • Weight and thickness vary, please contact us for specific product information

Our dedicated team of experienced industry veterans offers end-to-end project support, from start to finish. We know the products, and we know the codes. When you partner with McGrory, we make sure the right glazing is used in the proper application.

FireDefend Testing Mid Test UL ASTM E Fire Resistive Security Glazing Testing

Looking for fire-rated glass and framing systems? McGrory is partnered with the best fire-rated suppliers in the industry – AGC, Forster, and SCHOTT.

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