CaptiveHook® Ceiling Glass Mounting System

Need a reliable way to hang large glass panels on the ceiling – with minimal reveal, and custom cut outs for lighting? CaptiveHook® is a patented, proprietary, glass wall and ceiling mounting system available exclusively from McGrory Glass.

The CaptiveHook® architectural mounting system is patented, proprietary and stamped by Eckersley O’Callaghan Engineers. Our single-source solution allows you to easily install glass panels of any dimensions – up to and beyond +85sqft / +500lbs. Individual panels can be removed singly and easily re-installed for simple maintenance

Product Overview

  • Mounts large format glass panels quickly and securely, every time
  • Mount glass panels of almost any size — up to and beyond +85sf/ +500lbs
  • Doesn’t compromise on aesthetics (minimal reveal and infinite design options)
  • Modular construction arrives ready to hang
  • Reduces install time, labor costs, and provides peace of mind
  • Delivers fully manufactured panels that arrive on site ready for clean installation
  • Is produced in a humidity and temperature controlled environment, comprehensively fabricated and adhered in the McGrory Glass factory
  • Allows individual panels to be removed singly and easily re-installed for simple maintenance
Eckersly OCallaghan Logo Stamped CaptiveHook Glass Mounting System

“We have a high level of confidence in the performance of CaptiveHook® as a system that meets all architectural and structural constraints.” – Phil Khalil, Principal of Eckersley O’Callaghan & Partners

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CaptiveHook® Testimonial

Wharton | UPenn

“CaptiveHook® is a very elegant system from a design standpoint. It’s persuasive in the notion that if there’s a problem with one of the 150-plus panels, it can be removed with a lift and pull, and then replaced.” – Christopher Raia,  Associate at MGA Partners MGA

150 Fayetteville | Wells Fargo Capital Center

“CaptiveHook®’s the only large-format, glass-mounting system that’s seismic compliant,” says James Gulnick, McGrory Glass’ lead engineer and vice president of operations. “This definitely isn’t your father’s Z-clip.”

CaptiveHook® gives you freedom of design, and the security of working with a field tested system approved by Eckersley O’Callaghan engineers.

Wharton School of Business Production Polisher

The entire CaptiveHook® system is fabricated and adhered under climate controlled conditions in our factory. As your glass panels are produced, the receiving wall mounting system can be installed, cutting install times dramatically..

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