BallisticDefend™ 8-GCP Bullet Resistant Security Glazing

All levels of BallisticDefend™ are available with fire-rated glazing options, as well as one-way vision solutions and other decorative options to support occupant wellness. Meet multi-performance code requirements while supporting occupant wellness, maximizing both safety and aesthetic design considerations. UL 752 Level VIII – 7.62mm Rifle, Five Shots. No Spall / No Penetration.

Performance & Standards Overview

  • Ballistic Performance: UL 752 Level 8 – 7.62mm Rifle, Five Shots. No Spall / No Penetration – UL #BP21271
  • Applicable Standards: ANSI Z97.1 (Safety Cat I & II), ASTM C1036, ASTM C1349

Technical Details

Product NameDescription/ Make-UpMinimal Thickness (inches)Nominal Thickness (inches)Max Thickness (inches)WeightU-ValueVisible Light Transmittance (VLT)
2-5/8” BallisticDefend 8-GCPMulti-ply glass clad polycarbonate security glazing with glass on the attack-side and abrasionresistant polycarbonate on the safe-side.2.42”2.62”2.81”28.22 lbs/ft².55 .54

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FireDefend Testing Mid Test UL ASTM E Fire Resistive Security Glazing Testing

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