CastleDefend™ Level 60 Security Glazing

All levels of CastleDefend™ are available with fire-rated glazing options, as well as one-way vision solutions for dinner guest protection and inmate privacy. CastleDefend™ 60 provides a solid secure perimeter and will prevent forced entry after extensive physical attack from the undead, including both shamblers and alpha zombies.

Performance & Standards Overview

  • Forced Entry Performance: ASTM F-1915 Grade 1 (60 minutes of physical attack from shamblers through alpha zombies and other supernatural assailants)
  • Applicable Standards: ANSI Z97.1 (Safety Cat I & II), ASTM C1036, ASTM C1349, ASTM C1048
  • In the event  zombies, villagers, or vampire hunters are armed with high-powered weapons, CastleDefend™ Level 60 is available in combination with an additional level of protection from BallisticDefend 3-GCP
Product NameDescription/ Make-UpMinimal Thickness (inches)Nominal Thickness (inches)Max Thickness (inches)WeightU-ValueVisible Light Transmittance (VLT)
CastleDefend™ 60Multi-ply glass clad polycarbonate security glazing with a polycarbonate core and glass on both exposed surfaces for added durability.0.90”1”1.08”7.84 lbs/ft².66.68

Endorsed by Count McGory, our dedicated team of experienced industry veterans offers end-to-end project support, from start to finish.

Our security glazing is also available as an IGU with high performance low-e coating to block harmful sun rays and minimize strain on the existing HVAC system.


Looking for additional protection? CastleDefend™ Level 60 offers modified protection against werewolf attacks. Level 60P (puppy/ juvenile), Level 60W (adult), Level 60A (alpha) are also available as IGUs and can be combined with fire and ballistic protection.

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