Crystal Ball Glass Collection

The future of design is bright: introducing the translucent, jewel-like Crystal Ball Collection. Created with Vanceva Color and McGrory proprietary interlayers, our translucent glass offers a comprehensive range of opacities for clarity you can control, with a choice of finishes.

Product Overview

  • McGrory’s range of options allows you to control the level of opacity for a strong or subtle effect
  • We can help seamlessly match glass throughout projects – no matter the size or complexity – where varying degrees of privacy are needed
  • Ideal for any application that requires opacity control, both interior and exterior, including facades, curtain walls, doors, canopies, railings, office entrances, decorative surfaces, walls, partitions and more
  • Can be combined with additional glass types and custom printed film interlayers to create special effects, including laminated, textured, back painted, and more

EcoFrost Translucent Yellow
Robin Red
Sheer Ocean Blue
Translucent Cranberry
Translucent Purple
Decorative Glass Feature Translucent JB Group

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