Project Spotlight: Light Cascade, Toronto

Project Spotlight: Light Cascade, Toronto

Project: Light Cascade

Location: Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada

Architect: James Carpenter Design Associates

Product: Laminated glass with metallic dot-patterned printed film interlayer

Description: The art installation/underground parking garage, created by world renowned artist and architect, James Carpenter, was designed to bring light into the newly revitalized public space, Ontario Square, while serving as a functional parking garage. The installation is a glass wall approximately three-stories tall and 50-feet wide comprised of a metallic silver and matte gray dot pattern printed onto a film interlayer, which is laminated between two sheets of glass. Imaging Sciences used matte and chrome inks to print the dot pattern; the mixing of metallic dots with matte dots allows for concentrated reflectivity, illuminating the underground parking structure as well as the public space below.