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Project Spotlight: Financial Services Firm

A new CaptiveHook® installation shines in a NYC corporate headquarters recently designed by Architecture Plus Information (A+I). “High traffic areas like staircases can be challenging – they need a secure and safe mounting system that doesn’t compromise the aesthetics,” says Architectural Rep Bridget Lira. “I enjoyed the entire process of this unique project. It was truly an experience to see such a beautiful and elegant design intent come alive. Working with A+I is an honor. An intelligent, sophisticated, and creative firm, they have a great way of bringing the client's vision to reality.”

Comcast Innovation Technology Center CaptiveHook Philadelphia PA 2

Need a reliable way to hang large glass panels on walls and ceilings – with minimal reveal? CaptiveHook® is a patented, proprietary, glass wall and ceiling mounting system available exclusively from McGrory Glass.

CaptiveHook® Wall Glass Mounting System

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