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Currently Available AIA Continuing Education Courses:

Fire-Rated Glazing: An Introduction 

Creating light-filled and open environments contribute to the occupant’s well-being and health, but there is also the issue of fire safety. This presentation will show how current fire-rated glazing solutions are addressing the demand for safer facilities.

McGrory Glass Fire Rated AIA Continuing Education Courses
Fire-Rated AIA Continuing Education Courses | Photo © McGrory Glass

Fire-Rated Glazing: Safe, Beautiful & Environmentally Sustainable Design in the Modern Architectural Landscape

With the advent of new, modernized fire-rated glass, architects, designers and building owners have access to a greater variety of options when it comes to fire-rated glazing and assemblies. However, since occupant health and safety is a top concern, designs must meet strict code and safety requirements for interior and exterior applications. Finally, environmentally sustainable and green initiatives must also be taken into consideration.

Today’s fire-resistive and fire-protective glass and assemblies give architects more freedom to design sleek, eye-catching structures with decorative options for branding, wayfinding, privacy and more. Learn about the evolution of fire-rated glazing and what fire-resistive and fire-protective product categories are available to you, including environmentally friendly options.

AGC Pyrobel Fire Resistant Glass Vision Line Gelamco Arena
AGC PYROBEL® Fire Resistant Glass | Vision Line | Photo © AGC Glass Europe

We’ll break down current International Building Code (IBC) requirements for architectural fire-rated glazing and related fire, hose stream and impact test standards. You’ll leave the course with a solid understanding of fire-rated glazing, along with real-world examples of how you can use them in practical and aesthetically pleasing design.

Glass and Glazing for Interior Design

This course covers glass manufacturing and how glass can be modified for decorative applications.

Wharton School of Business WARB Production Closeup
Wharton Academic Research Building | Production Photo © McGrory Glass

Large-Format Glass Mounting Options for Walls, Ceilings, & Seismic: Enabling Creative Architecture

Designing lobbies and interiors with large-format panel walls and ceilings can be challenging, especially when seismically rated and environmentally friendly/ sustainable solutions are needed. This course provides an analysis of existing glass mounting systems, compares and contrasts solutions, discusses field testing, and reviews aesthetic options.

Fayetteville Raleigh NC
150 Fayetteville – Wells Fargo Center | Photo © Luis Coyt

Seismically Rated Wall Mounting Options: Balancing Design and Safety

Designing lobbies and interiors with large-format panel walls can be challenging, especially when seismically rated solutions are needed. This course provides an analysis of existing glass wall mounting systems, compares and contrasts solutions, discusses field testing, and reviews aesthetic options.

One Embarcadero Center SanFrancisco CA HERO
One Embarcadero Center | Photo © Joe Fletcher

Understanding Protective Glazing in Architectural Design for Medical and Educational Sectors: Using Fire-Rated, X-Ray Radiation, and Security Glazing to Improve the Health, Safety & Welfare of Building Occupants and Users

As architects retrofit, expand existing, or design new hospitals, medical facilities, and educational campuses, they work to achieve a necessary balance between form and aesthetics within budgetary constraints. Today, there’s a complicated landscape of codes, requirements, and options to navigate. A key part of designing safe facilities is choosing the right mix of protective, structural and decorative glass to meet safety requirements while improving the health and welfare of building occupants and users such as staff, patients, teachers, and students.

MUSC Charleston NYC SC
MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital | Photo © Halkin Mason Photography LLC

This course offers an analysis of the latest innovations and trends in fire‐rated, x‐ray radiation, security and decorative glazings and how they can be used in architectural design. Attendees will learn about required building codes, testing standards, and ratings, plus how to work with glass manufacturers to achieve practical and aesthetic design objectives.

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