Corning® Med-X® Glass

Corning is a world leader in Radiation Shielding Glass offering some of the largest glass sizes available. Corning® Med-X® Glass is supplied as polished plates with dimensions up to 54″ x 108″ and is available worldwide with quick delivery times.

Physical Properties

Optical Properties
Refractive Index nd: 1.76
Transmission % @ 550nm through 5mm path: ≥85.0

Mechanical Properties
Lead (Pb): 52%
Barium (Ba): 17%

Mechanical Properties
Density (g/cm3): 4.8
Knoop Hardness (kg/mm2): 409
Young’s Modulus (GPa): 62.6
Torsion Modulus (GPa): 24.8
Poisson’s Ratio: 0.26
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (x10 -7 /°C): 78.8

Shielding Characteristics

4.0-5.50.157 – 0.2171.
5.7-7.00.224 – 0.2761.
7.0-8.50.276 – 0.3352.
8.5-10.00.335 – 0.3942.
10.0-12.00.394 – 0.4723.
11.0-13.00.433 – 0.5123.
12.0-14.00.472 – 0.5514.
14.0-16.00.551 – 0.6304.
16.0-18.00.630 – 0.7095.
18.0-20.00.709 – 0.7876.

Corning® Med-X® Glass – Radiation/ X-Ray Shielding Solutions by McGrory

McGrory stocks the largest sizes in the industry – up to 54” x 108”, cut specifically to customer requirements. Our x-ray shielding glass can be paired with multiple privacy solutions for HIPAA compliance with the flip of a switch. Our ElectraView™ switchable glass, DotView™ one-way vision glass, and integral blind solutions can provide the privacy and protection medical facilities need. Need to integrate branding and other custom graphics right into your x-ray doors or windows? We can do that, too.


Proud Partner of Corning

We are honored to partner with Corning. A world leader in Radiation Shielding Glass, Corning’s scientific and manufacturing expertise, boundless curiosity, and commitment to purposeful invention place them at the center of the way the world interacts, works, learns, and lives.​ Their sustained investment in research, development, and invention means they’re always ready to solve the toughest challenges.

Our dedicated team of experienced industry veterans offers end-to-end project support, from start to finish. We know the products, and we know the codes. When you partner with McGrory, we make sure the right glazing is used in the proper application.

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