ElectraView™ One™ Switchable Privacy Glass

Zero energy is required to maintain the opaque state

Clear with Power On

ElectraView™ One™ can be used in many key architectural applications, from corporate to medical interiors allowing for openness and privacy to coexist in a single environment

Product Applications

  • Doors and entrances
  • Office fronts
  • Hospital room dividers & Curtain walls
  • Emergency room / ICU sliding & breakaway doors
  • X-Ray privacy
  • Conference rooms
  • Laminated glass

Product Features

  • Ideal for privacy solutions across interior applications and sectors, including corporate, medical, legal, government, and more
  • Delivers the ultimate in flexible privacy, allowing natural light to flow through a building’s interior when full opacity is not needed
  • Goes from full privacy to transparency with the flip of a switch, maintaining natural light and clear lines of sight
  • Other colors and additional decorative options available
  • Can be combined with x-ray radiation shielding glass for medical, research and other applications
  • Helps medical facilities comply with Federal HIPAA Privacy Rule Standards
  • Privacy glass is available in insulated units with other glass products; including frosted glass, acid etched glass, decorative glass, safety glass, fire-rated assembly systems, radiation protective systems, and more

Energy Data

Input Power

  • 120VAC /60Hz

Output Power

  • 48VAC /60Hz

Energy Consumption

  • 0.3 watts/ ft2 power on
  • 0 Watts/ ft2 power off

Power Quality

  • Film is protected by an isolation transformer, reducing spikes, harmonics, and noise when using ElectraView™ PDLC controller by McGrory.

Operating Temperature


The ultimate in flexible privacy solutions

ElectraView™ One™ transforms partitions from diffuse privacy to transparency, and vice versa, at the flip of a switch. Our switchable privacy glass can be combined with decorative film options for interior design, with our x-ray shielding glass for medical installations—or even both for a comprehensive healthcare solution.

  • ElectraView™ One™ technology takes a window panel from transparency to diffuse privacy and back again using electrical energy and an embedded layer of liquid crystal particles.
  • ElectraView™ One™ is easily switched back and forth, to either create a visually obscure glass that allows diffuse, natural light in without sacrificing privacy or to create transparent glass that allows visible, natural light to pass.

How to Buy

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McGrory ElectraView Switchable Glass for Privacy Mount Sinai Installation Photos

Architectural Specifications

ElectraView™ PDLC molecular alignment is perpendicular to glass surfaces, meaning views become obscured on angles. Sharper viewing angles to the left/right or up/down will result in greater haze perception. Glass appears clearest viewed straight on.


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