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Med-X® LT Lami-Thin Radiation Shielding

An alternative to acrylic radiation shielding/ x-ray barriers from Corning®, global leaders in materials science innovation for 170 years, and manufacturers of Corning® Med-X® Glass and Corning® Corning® Med-Gamma® Glass.


Corning® Med-X® LT Glass, an alternative to traditional acrylic barriers, is an innovative radiation shielding solution that meets Cat II Impact Ratings, delivers superior clarity and improved resistance to scratches, and is easy to clean, handle, and install due to its lightweight design. McGrory's dedicated team has over three decades of experience in x-ray, radiation shielding, and radiation shielding applications to get you the right glass for the right application - when you need it. We offer Corning® Med-X® LT Glass in low volume or higher volume repeat sizes, with a maximum finished size of up to 40” x 60”. Corning® Med-X® LT Glass is registered as compliant with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations, and McGrory Glass, Inc. is the only FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer; Repackager/Relabeler of FDA Registered radiation shielding glass. FDA Registered Material has a verified, traceable process linking the manufacturer to the processor to the installer to the project within the formalized format of FDA Registration. Traceability helps ensure compliance with medical device standards: at any point, from receipt to post-installation, each individual piece of Corning® Med-X® LT Glass can be traced back through its shipment, processing, and manufacture.


Key applications include: wherever x-ray and gamma ray technologies are utilized (interventional cardiology, CT scans, radiation therapy, etc.), fixed windows in hospitals or smaller practices, suspended or mobile panels in hospitals or smaller practices, research laboratories, industrial scanners and non-destructive testing.


We offer customized support to fit your needs, and dedicated staff with over three decades of architectural, security, fire-rated glazing, and interlayer/ lamination experience.


McGrory Glass has the capabilities, equipment, and experience to be your go-to single source. We will reach out to you within 48 hours.

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