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2017 was a whirlwind of excitement and change at McGrory Glass. Our acquisition of Imaging Sciences last February took our already growing company to another level. By adding Imaging Sciences to the McGrory mix, we not only added an exciting spectrum of products and services to our menu, but also a handful of new team members and a new location – Willoughby, OH. McGrory has worked with Imaging Sciences since they started in the decorative interlayer world nearly 15 years ago. Over the last decade and a half, McGrory has worked on hundreds of incredible projects with Imaging Sciences – everything from interior to exterior applications, simple solid colors to ornate, custom designed pieces. We’ve worked with some of the best architects in the world on some of the most well-known projects of the past decade, but what really makes this union standout, is a truly fantastic product.

Our film interlayers are completely customizable and are constructed between two lites of glass, laminated together with the interlayer (or multiple interlayers) in between. Because we do all our printing and fabrication in-house, we work directly with the architect and/or designer, allowing us to offer such design elements as custom logos and colors, geometric, textured, and metallic options, gradients and full-color graphics. Curtain walls, railing systems, elevator cabs, lobbies – our product can be used for virtually any interior or exterior application, allowing unlimited design possibilities for almost any job – big or small.

Here’s a look into a few of our most popular products:

Chameleon: an incredibly unique, color-changing metallic film that brings a whole new life to any building it touches.

Chrome: rich, metallic colors with a beautiful sheen that makes anything else seem boring.

DecoSHADE: one-way vision made beautiful. DecoSHADE offers the ability to put graphics on the exterior of a building, but have an unobstructed view from the interior.

Gradients: timeless and in-demand. White gradients are still one of our most popular requests to this day.

And a look into a few of our recent projects:


Check out more of our other beautiful interlayer products here.




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