Transform your next project with floor-to-ceiling glass solutions

There’s been a dynamic shift in how owners look at base building elements like facades and lobbies. As companies fight to retain top talent, landlords are being pushed to offer unique design, social spaces, and shared amenities.

That’s why top architects and designers are re-imagining every aspect of base building when approaching a new project – whether mixed-use or retail, healthcare or educational campus, corporate or hospitality.

Custom floor-to-ceiling glass can transform formerly utilitarian spaces into vibrant, life-infused areas, elevating tenant and landlord profiles. For today’s leading companies, glass is the material of choice when approaching building design.

McGrory Glass has experience with almost every facet of base building. We can help you navigate the challenges – and take advantage of structural opportunities.

Create memorable interiors and exteriors with glass

    • Facades and Building Envelopes: Your building’s exterior should make a statement. Our one-way vision decorative glass doesn’t just beautify – it’s functional, with solar control, privacy and security features.
    • Glass Canopies: We offer translucent, opaque or mixed colors, intensities, patterns or custom designs. Our laminated glass boasts UV- and weather-resistant qualities, and offers near-endless design options in classic ceramic fritt patterns: dots, stripes, gradients, grids and more.
    • Glass Entrances and Doors: Ready to make a grand entrance? We’ll supply the glass and hardware, and our years of experience creating stunning entryways. We use innovative Luxar anti-reflective glass, virtually invisible to the human eye – offering passers-by outside a glimpse of the amenities inside.
    • Lobbies: A building’s heart and soul, the lobby should welcome and inspire. With our elegant cladding and patented, CaptiveHook® glass-mounting system, your vision takes center stage.  Our in-house print shop is able to create custom combinations that are available only from McGrory Glass. Enjoy limitless design possibilities with our laminated, back-painted acid-etched, backlit and mirror-backed glass.
    • Wayfinding: We can help you incorporate essential signage seamlessly into your lobby’s overall design, for clarity and elegance.
    • Elevator Lobbies and Cabs: Seamlessly infuse your building’s aesthetic in your elevators with cladding solutions and cohesive glass elements that carry your design intent throughout all floors.
    • Stairs, Railings, Balustrades and Flooring: Make a statement with glass stairs, railings and flooring in an extensive range of textures, colors and opacities. Our flooring and stairs combine the unique aesthetic qualities of glass with internationally certified performance standards for slip resistance and safety.
    • Fire-Safety Glass & Radiation Shielding: Designed to provide peace of mind, our fire protective product lines can integrate beauty with necessity.  As the sole North American distributor for Corning® Med-X® Glass, we also offer superior X-ray glass and radiation-shielding glass.


Glass lasts, so make it your first choice

A photo of the Seidman Cancer Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The lobby features floor-to-ceiling glass from McGrory, including Italian etched cladding to diffuse light and add a soft, welcoming glow to the interior.

Seidman Cancer Center | Cleveland, OH

McGrory Glass crafts sophisticated and timeless materials, and we’re uniquely positioned to provide architectural glass for entire base building projects.

A single-source solution, we lead in form and function, combining comprehensive decorative and design capabilities with high-quality performance products such as fire-rated and anti-reflective glass.

When you choose McGrory, you collaborate with a knowledgeable glass consultant ready to offer end-to-end support for your design. You’ll no longer have to deal with multiple vendors, saving you (and your clients) a lot of time, stress and money.


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