Vitrealspecchi’s unique glass-working technique turns factory-supplied float glass—monolithic, laminated, silvered or painted—into an exquisite material that is both beautiful and functional. Using the process of chemical etching vs. traditional sandblasting yields precise and beautiful patterns, opacifying the glass while keeping it perfectly smooth to the touch. In addition to the smooth texture and unique decorative options, the acid etch glass is tempered and will not deteriorate over time or in sunlight. Click here to view Product Brochure.



In the mid ’60s Vitrealspecchi patented the first process for etching float glass on an industrial scale. That was the beginning of Madras®. This collection turns factory-supplied float glass-monolithic, laminated, silvered or painted-into an exquisite aesthetic and functional solution for the built environment. The Madras® patterns are organized by type of finish, intended use and stylistic features, so designers can choose based on look, functionality or installation requirements. Madras® chemical etching is permanent and does not alter the glass’s resistance characteristics, while the various surface treatments to choose from-velvet, textured, sparkling effects, etc.- enhance the product’s tactile and visual properties. Daily care is simple: a damp cloth (preferably microfiber), water and/or any common glass detergent works. Madras® is manufactured in compliance with all Italian environmental standards.

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 100″ x 168″
  • Thickness: 1/8″ to 3/4″
  • Compatible Processing: Annealed, Laminated, Tempered
  • Ideal Applications: Flooring/railing, decorative interior spaces, doorways


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